Name of the Center C4Dمركز الدراسات في التنمية والديموقراطية
Centre d’Etudes pour le Développement et la Démocratie
Center of Studies for Development and Democracy
PresidentAicha EL ALAOUI, Economist
Global ObjectivesThe Center C4D is an independent and not-for-profit research center in the field of studies, research, training and advocacy that promotes democracy, governance, human rights and economic, social, cultural and environmental development. The center tries to attain the following goals:
• Contributing to the enrichment of thinking and knowledge through the completion and publication of research, analysis and strategic studies in the field of human rights, democracy and development (political, economic, social, cultural and environmental);
• Conducting studies and scientific research in various fields of sustainable development at the territorial, regional, national and global levels;
• Creating a database, data and indicators to track public policies in the field of human rights and democracy in Morocco and assess their impact on male and female citizens;
• Carrying out training courses in various fields such as economics, sociology, human rights and democracy;
• Carrying out consultations in the field of human rights, democracy and sustainable development in their economic, social, cultural, environmental and other aspects;
• Participating in the development of principles and values of human rights, democracy and sustainable development in Morocco and abroad, especially in the African continent;
• Carrying out research and studies in the field of education, developing competencies and capabilities, and respecting social and cultural diversity, especially related to the Amazigh affairs;
• Strengthening the skills and mechanisms for effective communication with male and female citizens to ensure basic rights and freedoms and fair use of the results of local, regional and national development programs;
• Advocating for the guarantee of fundamental rights and freedoms and working to develop awareness of democracy, citizenship, governance and human rights;
• Disseminating economic, environmental and cultural knowledge among male and female citizens;
• Develop awareness among citizens of the problems of democracy and human rights.
Date of FoundationJuly, 2019
OrganisationExecutive Office
Scientific Council